The Switch by Lily Samson Review

I was excited to dive into the switch after reading the synopsis. We had a day off at work and was looking forward to spending the day bundled up in a blanket with a good book. It started as a real page-turner and it really looked like it would be this intense thriller that would keep you turning the page, but unfortunately, I quickly lost interest. There was promise of a shocking, seductive, and scandalous novel, but it did not do it for me. I was waiting for the big twists that were promised and I only found it quite long and dragging. It did pick up after “the switch”, but it still wasn’t enough to keep my interest until the end. I made it through 70% of the book and was struggling to figure out where the story was going so I stopped reading.


Thank you to Penguin Group Viking for my digital copy via Netgalley in exchange for a review.


Rating: 3 stars




Two couples. One twisted game of love and obsession. A dark domestic thriller about the dangerous secrets that come to light when a wild fantasy turns sinister. . .

When young couple Elena and Adam are offered the chance to house-sit in their dream neighborhood for a few months, they jump at the opportunity. The leafy South London enclave is a world away from everything they know, complete with grand homes, lush gardens, and quaint local coffee shops.

Soon Elena crosses paths with the beautiful and enigmatic artist Sophia and her husband, Finn, and she and Adam are pulled into their orbit. Sophia is everything Elena isn’t—glamorous, alluring, successful—and Finn exerts a mysterious pull on Elena that she can’t seem to shake.

Elena’s infatuation with Finn grows stronger by the day, and when Sophia proposes a thrilling game to her new friend—to swap partners in secret—Elena quickly agrees. It’s not long before Elena experiences a sexual awakening that blossoms into an illicit love affair, but Sophia’s plans are far more dangerous than Elena could ever have imagined. . .

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