Review Policy

The Book Obsessed Introverts blog welcomes book review requests from all publishing houses, publicity agents and authors for any of the following genres:

- mystery & thrillers
- contemporary romance

We prefer physical copies, but we’re happy to accept any digital copies via NetGalley. We post promotional photos of the books and we review the books on both Instagrams

When sending a review request, please include a brief synopsis of the book.

Please keep in mind two readers run this blog, so by contacting us via email, you agree to send us two copies of your book.

All reviews are posted on our Goodreads pages, on NetGalley, if applicable, and on our blog. We are open to post our reviews on retail sites as well.

For all inquires please email :


This website contains affiliate links, meaning we will receive a small commission should you purchase using those links. All opinions expressed are our own. We receive no compensation for reviews.

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