Run Away by Harlan Coben Review

I've heard about Harlan Coben books before but I had yet to read one until our book club chose his latest release for our April read. I have to say I'm impressed! Run Away was action-packed right from the start and it did not let go until the very last twist. Not every almost 400 page book can be read as fast as Run Away and keep the reader totally engrossed in the story. My first thought when I finished the book was: I have to read other work from Harlan Coben!

When I heard the April pick for our book club was Run Away, I was skeptical. I had heard so many great things about it but I didn't really know if I would love the story and told myself I could skip this month and read an ARC I received instead. Boy am I glad I decided to give it a shot! It was impossible to guess anything from the beginning and even if you come up with a ton of reason why the daughter disappeared, you likely will not arrive to the right conclusion. The book is twisted like that.

Run Away was a real roller coaster ride. It did not linger on atrociously long details about the environment and the focus was on the characters and their priorities. Needless to say, I am now a Harlan Coben fan and will definitely check out his other books!

For fans of the movie Taken, you need to add Run Away to your TBR!!

My rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.5

Here's a quick synopsis:
You've lost your daughter.

She's addicted to drugs and to an abusive boyfriend. And she's made it clear that she doesn't want to be found.

Then, by chance, you see her playing guitar in Central Park. But she's not the girl you remember. This woman is living on the edge, frightened, and clearly in trouble.

You don't stop to think. You approach her, beg her to come home.

She runs. 

And you do the only thing a parent can do: you follow her into a dark and dangerous world you never knew existed. Before you know it, both your family and your life are on the line. And in order to protect your daughter from the evils of that world, you must face them head on. (Reference : Goodreads)

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I’m a huge Harlan Coben fan! His books always hook me within the first sentence and this one was no exception!

This was a story about what parents will do and go through for their children. Simon Greene, the father, was a great main character! I could almost feel his emotions throughout the story; the passion for finding his daughter, the fear of losing her. I really was empathetic towards his character and was rooting for him.

I was expecting a unilateral story, but I was extremely surprised to get multiple stories, that were eventually intertwined and untangled by an amazing story development.

The cherry on top was that there was no part of the story that I had predicted. I was shocked by all the twists and turns of this novel!

The only reason this isn’t 5 stars, is because I did feel like some aspects of the story were missing some further explanations, but that is so minimal in the grand scheme.

Exceptional work again by Coben! I remain a huge fan.

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