Fable by Adrienne Young | Reviewed by Michelle


Fable | Adrienne Young | Wednesday Books | Pub: 9/1/20

“I loved her with a love that broke me.”

Fable was getting quite the buzz on bookstagram. Mostly positive reviews but a few people who didn’t love it as much.

Fable follows a girl named Fable who was abandoned by her father. Trouble greets her and she needs off the island of Jeval immediately. West, captain of the Marigold, is there to save her. But the trouble doesn’t stop just because Fable is on the Marigold. In fact, the trouble multiplies.

I can understand why people didn’t love it. It is a slower book, there is some action throughout, but the bigger stuff happens towards the end. There was also a slow growing romance, which I didn’t mind but I know some people had complained about that.

The characters were all pretty solid. I liked them a lot and I liked learning new things about them as everyone started to trust each other slowly. I am sad because it ended in a cliffhanger so, we don’t know what will happen to Fable once the new book starts. I’m a little worried the crew of the Marigold won’t be in much of the second book. That also makes me sad. I really love the crew. They grew on me so much.

I (naturally) preordered the next book, Namesake. It comes out right before my birthday, so I am hoping it reaches my doorstep in time for me to disappear into it for my birthday.

If you enjoy slow build books that leave off with a cliffhanger and give you a sense of adventure, this book is for you.

Synopsis (Credit: Goodreads)

For seventeen-year-old Fable, the daughter of the most powerful trader in the Narrows, the sea is the only home she has ever known. It’s been four years since the night she watched her mother drown during an unforgiving storm. The next day her father abandoned her on a legendary island filled with thieves and little food. To survive she must keep to herself, learn to trust no one, and rely on the unique skills her mother taught her. The only thing that keeps her going is the goal of getting off the island, finding her father, and demanding her rightful place beside him and his crew. To do so Fable enlists the help of a young trader named West to get her off the island and across the Narrows to her father.

But her father’s rivalries and the dangers of his trading enterprise have only multiplied since she last saw him, and Fable soon finds that West isn't who he seems. Together, they will have to survive more than the treacherous storms that haunt the Narrows if they're going to stay alive.

Welcome to a world made dangerous by the sea and by those who wish to profit from it. Where a young girl must find her place and her family while trying to survive in a world built for men. Fable takes you on a spectacular journey filled with romance, intrigue, and adventure.

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