Say Goodbye by Karen Rose | Review

Say Goodbye | Karen Rose | Berkley | Pub: August 3, 2021 | Pages: 640

I love the Sacramento series so much, I hope there’s more coming!! Ickkk

You could read this book as a stand alone, but I promise it’s worth the massive number of pages to read Say You’re Sorry and Say No More prior to this one.

I started being obsessed with this series because of Daisy and Gideon but I noticed each book has a different relationship focus and I wasn’t mad that we didn’t get lots of Daisy and Gideon action. The relationship part of this books was more focused on FBI Special Agent Tom Hunter and his best friend, best friend, ex-Army combat medic Liza Barkley. This storyline kept me going! Although, if you are looking for steamy romantic suspense, this one isn’t it. There was less “steam” than usual, but trust me, it was still SO GOOD!

Another amazing thing about this book is we finally got an “ending” with Eden, the cult that Gideon and Mercy are from.

I’m heavily invested in the characters at this point and absolutely love the thriller and romance aspect of these books! Can’t say enough good things about this series! A Must-read!

Thank you to Berkley Publishing Group for providing me with an electronic ARC of this book via NetGalley. As usual, my reviews are my honest and unbiased opinions.


Eden faces a final reckoning when the cult's past victims hunt them down in this explosive, high-stakes thriller in the Sacramento series from New York Times bestselling author Karen Rose.

For decades, Eden has remained hidden in the remote wilds of the Pacific Northwest, “Pastor” keeping his cult's followers in thrall for his personal profit and sexual pleasures. But the Founding Elders are splintering, and Pastor's surrogate son DJ is scheming to make it all his own.

When two of Eden's newest members send out a cry for help, it reaches FBI Special Agent Tom Hunter, whose friend and fellow FBI Special Agent Gideon Reynolds and his sister, Mercy, are themselves escapees of the Eden cult, targeted by the Founding Elders who want them silenced forever. The three have vowed to find the cult and bring it down, and now, they finally have a solid lead.

Neutralizing Eden’s threat will save captive members and ensure Tom’s new friends can live without fear. But when his best friend, ex-Army combat medic Liza Barkley, joins the case, it puts her life—and their blossoming love—in danger. With everything they hold dear in the balance, Tom and Liza, together with Gideon and Mercy, must end Eden once and for all.


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