The Paris Widow by Kimberly Belle Review

This is one I was excited to dive into. I’ve read a few Kimberly Belle books, and they were all excellent, so I had high hopes with this one. The synopsis looked promising, and while it was an interesting story, I thought it lacked some punch. There were no twists and turns like other books by this author. I was looking for the WOW moment to happen, but even the ending wasn’t spectacular. I still binged read it in a weekend, and I will read her future work. I did skim through some of the art antiquity stuff, but with well-developed characters and an atmospheric setting, it sure will keep readers with a passion for mystery and art on the edge of their seats from beginning to end.


Thank you to Harlequin Trade Publishing for my digital ARC via Netgalley. As always, my reviews are my own and unbiased opinions. 


Rating: 4 stars




When Stella met Adam, she thought she had finally found a nice, normal guy—a welcome change from her previous boyfriend and her precarious jetsetter lifestyle with him. But her secure world comes crashing down when Adam goes missing after an explosion in the city square. Unable to reach him, she panics.

As the French police investigate, it’s revealed that Adam was on their radar as a dealer of rare and stolen antiquities with a long roster of criminal clients. Reeling from this news, Stella is determined not to leave Paris until she has the full story. Was Adam a random victim or the target of the explosion? And why is someone following her through the streets of Paris?


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