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Hello everyone! We haven't posted in a while and we apologize about that! Life got super busy this summer and even more with school being back. We thought we would make a blog post an share what we have been up too these last few months and share some exciting news as well!

An Introvert Reads: I only had three weeks between classes this summer so I visited my family in Ontario for about one week. Afterward, it was back to studying. I did go to a fun concert in August which was a nice weekend getaway to Saskatoon! I did manage to break my reading goal this week with 40 books read so far this year! Considering I have zero time to read I would say this is a win!

I'm still working on a work/study/life balance at the moment as studying as really taken its toll on me. I feel so run down, I've missed so much work this month. I don't want to give up but I really need to take care of myself in the meantime. One thing to help me with this is that I have decided to not request any more ARCs and read what I want to read when I want to read. Reviewing ARCs is so much fun! However, I can't add stressful deadlines into my current situation, it's just too much. I have also been distant on my social media, partly because, as I've mentioned, sometimes gotta give. Thanks for sticking with me! <3 

Mommy Reads : This summer, I enjoyed time with my little family. We went camping near Lake Superior for about 2 weeks and a half and then we enjoyed the sunshine at home. I didn't get as much reading time as I'd hope, but I still managed to read a lot of books. The majority of my reviews have been posted and sent to the publishers but I'm still behind on a few. Hopefully, I will get some time to sit down and write them so I can share them with all of you. 

The end of my Maternity Leave in late August brought some questions about my future and career and after sleeping on it for a while, I have decided to go back to school! My program is all done online but the platform is very interesting and motivating. I'm learning so much! I am currently about halfway through and my goal is to take my final exam before Christmas. This is as much as I can say for now but more details will follow in the next few months as things move along. Stay tuned!


Now, are you ready for our big announcement!?! If you follow us on Instagram and check our stories, you may know what we're talking about already, but for those who don't know yet, we have recently decided to focus on our health and fitness journeys and created an Instagram page. We will share our journeys from workouts to nutrition, post-workout selfies to Flex Fridays and everything in between. If you are into these types of pages, give us a follow, we'd love to see your faces on there! :) 

Have a wonderful week!

Mommy Reads & An Introvert Reads

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