One by One by Ruth Ware | Review

One by One|Ruth WareSimon & SchusterPub: September 8, 2020 | Pages: 372

Ruth Ware – you have done it again!

I’m a sucker for locked-room mysteries, especially ones that take place in an isolated “cottage”!!

So maybe I’m biased, but damn I loved this book!

A business booked a luxurious cabin atop a French mountain for an employee retreat. The gang goes skiing, except not everyone returns to the chalet. On top of that, an avalanche gets triggered, and cuts of all communication. The guests are stuck in the chalet…and people keep dying...

Ruth Ware was definitely channelling her inner Agatha Christie on this one!

I was hooked from beginning to end and didn’t want this gripping story to end! The story is told in alternating POV chapters. The different POVs add a lot of excitement to the plot, and I enjoyed all POVs. There was never a dull moment. The writing was beautiful and atmospheric! I felt like I was in the French Alps!

Such a nail-biting story with a great ending! I wouldn’t expect less from Ruth Ware!


Getting snowed in at a beautiful, rustic mountain chalet doesn’t sound like the worst problem in the world, especially when there’s a breathtaking vista, a cozy fire, and company to keep you warm. But what happens when that company is eight of your coworkers…and you can’t trust any of them?

When an off-site company retreat meant to promote mindfulness and collaboration goes utterly wrong when an avalanche hits, the corporate food chain becomes irrelevant and survival trumps togetherness. Come Monday morning, how many members short will the team be?


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