Apple of My Eye by Claire Allan | Review

Apple of My Eye | Claire Allan | Avon Books UK | Pub: January 24, 2019 | Pages: 400

The story was gripping from the start, it was fast-paced, entertaining and action-packed. It's the type of novel where the author makes you think you've got everything figured out, and then the plot thickens. It’s so hard to review mystery and thrillers because I don’t want to give anything away! Even though I did think it was an action-packed engrossing thriller, I, unfortunately, felt like at some point the story was going around in circles and I was getting a bit bored. It’s a good premise and great writing, just not my favourite book.

The story is told in multiple POVs. Eliana, who is seven and a half months pregnant and under a lot of stress as well as the dreaded morning sickness. Louise, a character we don't know much about but seems to be stalking a pregnant lady in the hopes of kidnapping her baby. And then there is Angela, who is Eliana's mother. The chapters were well identified so we knew who the narrator was. It is written in a way where you learn just a little bit more information in each chapter but every time the narrator change, the reader is left with questions.

Thank you to Avon Books UK for providing me with an electronic ARC of this book via NetGalley. As usual, my reviews are my honest and unbiased opinions.


Just how far is a mother willing to go?

When a mysterious note arrives for six months pregnant Dr Eliana Hughes, she begins to doubt every aspect of her life – from her mixed feelings about motherhood to her marriage to Martin, who has become distant in recent months.

As the person behind the note escalates their campaign to out Eli’s husband as a cheat, she finds herself unable to trust even her own instincts, and as pressure builds, she makes a mistake that jeopardises her entire future.

Elsewhere, someone is watching. Someone who desperately wants a baby to call their own and will go to any lengths to become a mother – and stay a mother…


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