The Drift by C.J. Tudor | Review

The Drift | C.J. Tudor Penguin Random House Canada | Pub: January 19, 2023 | Pages: 340

So many twists and turns!!

I really didn’t think I would like this one as it gave me Resident Evil vibes, but wow, this was such a creepy, atmospheric read that kept me on my toes the whole way through.

At first, I had a bit of a harder time getting into it just because there were a lot of characters being introduced, but once I got a hang of who was who, it was such a fast-paced, quick read.

C.J. Tudor was so good at building suspense in every chapter! I really loved that it was sort of a locked room mystery as well. The ending was so surprising, I thought I had it figured out from the start, but I was so wrong.  I really am surprised at how much I loved this, but I highly recommend if you want a super fast-paced, suspenseful, twisty read! 

Thank you to Penguin Random House Canada for providing me with an electronic ARC of this book via NetGalley. As usual, my reviews are my honest and unbiased opinions.

Three ordinary people risk everything for a chance at redemption in this audacious, utterly gripping novel of catastrophe and survival at the end of the world, from the acclaimed author of The Chalk Man

Hannah awakens to carnage, all mangled metal and shattered glass. During a hasty escape from a secluded boarding school, her coach careened over a hillside road during one of the year's heaviest snowstorms, trapping her inside with a handful of survivors, a brewing virus, and no way to call for help. If she and the remaining few want to make it out alive, with their sanity--and secrets--intact, they'll need to work together or they'll be buried alive with the rest of the dead.

A former detective, Meg awakens to a gentle rocking. She is in a cable car suspended far above a snowstorm and surrounded by strangers in the same uniform as her, with no memory of how they got there. They are heading to a mysterious place known to them only as "The Retreat," but when they discover a dead man among their ranks and Meg spies a familiar face, she realizes that there is something far more insidious going on.

Carter is gazing out the window of the abandoned ski chalet that he and his ragtag compatriots call home. Together, they manage a precarious survival, manufacturing vaccines against a deadly virus in exchange for life's essentials. But as their generator begins to waver, the threat of something lurking in the chalet's depths looms larger, and their fragile bonds will be tested when the power finally fails--for good.

The imminent dangers faced by Hannah, Meg, and Carter are each one part of the puzzle. Lurking in their shadows is an even greater threat--one that threatens to consume all of humanity.

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