Police by Jo Nesbo Review

This story started out as a slow-burning police procedural then turned into a full-on fast-paced whirlwind.

It was a totally unpredictable plot line, and without spoiling anything, It was a pretty dark story let me put it that way. As with all of Jo Nesbo’s book, it was very atmospheric and really creepy, which I adore!

The ending left me gasping ! gasping! brilliantly thought out and written, again as I read this series, Jo Nesbo manages to impress me every time!

My only complaint is that Harry didn’t show up until later in the book, and I would have liked more of him in the story but still really loved this book! Highly Recommend reading this whole series, and by order, if you can.


When a police officer is found murdered at the scene of an old unsolved murder case that he was involved in investigating, it can hardly be a coincidence. When the same thing happens to two other officers in a matter of months the pattern is as clear as it is terrifying. None of the old cases were ever solved. The killings are extremely brutal and the police have no leads. What’s more, they’re missing their best investigator.

At the same time, a severely wounded man is in a coma and kept alive at a hospital in Oslo. The police guard the room and the identity of the patient is kept secret.

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