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His & Hers | Alice Feeney | Flatiron Books | Pub: July 28, 2020

I absolutely LOVED Alice Feeney’s Sometimes I lie, so I knew I needed to read this book!

I must say, Alice did not disappoint! The book was sooooo goood! As you may have noticed, I only gave this book a 4 star, even though I really loved the story, the pace was so slow for the majority of the book. It took forever for the story to pick up and at around ¾ quarters in, that’s when I couldn’t put it down.

The book is told between Anna Andrew’s POV, a reporter, and Jack Harper’s POV, a detective. You also get a glimpse of the killer’s POV. As you keep reading you feel like you already know where the story will lead you but oh how I was wrong!

The ending was absolutely mind-blowing! I would say more but honestly, I’m struggling to say more without inadvertently exposing spoilers! This book was the perfect dark, twisted, psychological thriller! I highly recommend.

Thank you to Flatiron Books for providing me with an electronic ARC of this book via NetGalley. As usual, my reviews are my honest and unbiased opinions.


In the sleepy English village of Blackdown, the body of beautiful, blonde Rachel Hopkins is discovered in the depths of the woods, and the killer has left an ominous message: TWO FACED.

So begins HIS & HERS, a dark and twisted new novel from New York Times bestseller Alice Feeney. Perfect for fans of Ruth Ware, HIS & HERS is a tightly-plotted, double-sided, and deliciously disturbing read that is poised to be a breakout thriller of summer 2020.

Anna Andrews has spent years climbing the professional ladder and sacrificing her personal relationships for a glossy career as a BBC news presenter—only to have everything she’s worked for pulled out from under her when a competing anchor returns from maternity leave. When Anna is called on to cover a grisly murder in her hometown of Blackdown, she is reluctant but determined to do everything she can to save her dream job. But when she arrives in town and discovers that the victim is her old friend Rachel Hopkins, former ringleader of Anna’s toxic high school clique, Anna realizes that she isn’t just covering the story—she’s at the heart of it.

Also on the scene is Detective Jack Harper, head of Blackdown’s Major Crime Team. Not only is Jack surprised— and more than a little aggravated—to see the all-too-familiar face of Anna Andrews reporting on the case, but like Anna, he’s startled to discover that he also knows the victim. In fact, he was with Rachel just last night. Quite suddenly, Jack Harper might be the prime suspect in his own murder investigation.

The investigation throws Anna and Jack into each other’s paths and forces them to confront a shared past that neither wants to revisit…and shared secrets that continue to haunt them both. But as the case grows ever more twisted— and as more bodies start to turn up—it becomes clear that there are two sides to every story…and someone knows far more than they are letting on 


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