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The Angel Creek Girls | Leslie Wolfe | Bookouture| Pub: August 19, 2021 | Pages: 352

This is Book #3 of the Detective Kay Sharp series. This could be read as a standalone as there are no spoilers about the other books, but I recommend starting at Book #1. I really devoured the other two books but I gotta say, this one wasn’t my favorite. Maybe it was just my mindset while reading but I felt like it was slow-burning suspense and it took a while for the action to pick up.

Overall, this was a very intriguing mystery, with many twists and turns! There were a couple of different POVs, one of which included the killer's POV! That always adds a little bit more suspense in my opinion!

The last thing I was lacking was the character relationship development between Kay and Elliot. I need more than just hinting that they are into each other! Give me some steamy romance scenes! I know a lot of people don't like romantic suspense but I feel like the book is insinuating towards that romantic relationship, so I wanted more, especially after three books. Hopefully, the next one delivers. I'm still a huge fan and will keep reading this series!

Thank you to Bookouture for providing me with an electronic ARC of this book via NetGalley. As usual, my reviews are my honest and unbiased opinions.

Book: The Angel Creek Girls
Author: Leslie Wolfe
Pub Day: August 19th 2021
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About the Book: 

Her chestnut hair, long and shiny, fanned around her head, moving gently in the wind. Her eyes, still open, stared at the back door, and her hand stretched out in a pleading gesture. Her lips, pale under the rosy lip gloss, were parted slightly as if to whisper one last word, to draw one last breath.

9 HOURS AGO: In a sleepy mountain town, widow Cheryl Coleman stares anxiously out of her kitchen window while a storm rages outside. When the knock comes, she glances back at her daughters before opening the door with trembling hands…

NOW: Detective Kay Sharp vows to get to the bottom of a heartbreaking murder that has rocked Mount Chester. A single mother has been brutally killed in front of her three daughters. The youngest, three-year-old Erin, is lying inches from the body, her pigtails loose, her face tear-stained. Eight-year-old Heather is discovered hiding under her bed. Sixteen-year-old Julie is nowhere to be found.

The first twenty-four hours are critical in child abductions, and the girls are the key to saving their missing sister. But Heather is in shock, unable to communicate, and all tiny Erin can say is “A monster came”. When Kay finds three suitcases lined up in the hallway, it’s clear that the family were about to run away. But why? And who were they trying to escape?

Thanks to her own past, Kay knows all about traumatic childhoods shrouded in tragedy, and she works around the clock to get justice for the orphaned girls. Turning the town upside down, she uncovers the shocking truth about their peaceful community: it’s home to a serial killer who preys on helpless girls. Faced with the most twisted case of her career, can she catch the monster before another innocent life is lost?

Think you know the meaning of gripping? Think again! Leslie Wolfe takes gripping to a whole new level. Fans of Lisa Regan, Robert Dugoni and Kendra Elliot will be totally addicted to this twist-filled page-turner.

Author Bio

Leslie Wolfe is a bestselling author whose novels break the mold of traditional thrillers. She creates unforgettable, brilliant, strong women heroes who deliver fast-paced, satisfying suspense, backed up by extensive background research in science, technology, and psychology. Her engaging writing style and addictive storylines have made Leslie one of the most read authors in the genre.

Leslie Wolfe lives in Florida with her husband, "the Wolfe," and their dog. She enjoys engaging with her readers every day, exchanging emails and Facebook postings.

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