Survive the Night by Riley Sager | Review

Survive the Night | Riley Sager | Dutton Books | Pub: June 29, 2021| Pages: 324

I’m definitely in the minority when it comes to liking this book, so don’t come for me!

Riley Sager's books are all fantastic, and I believe one of his strengths is that he excels at generating a sense of mystery. Hence why I was hooked on the first chapter! I actually ended up reading this book in one day.

Charlie, an Olyphant University student, is waiting for a ride with Josh to take her back to Ohio around 9 p.m. on Tuesday, November 19, 1991. Following the death of her best friend Maddy by the Campus Killer two months prior, she is fleeing the university in despair and regretfully ending her relationship with Robbie. The headlights of the Pontiac Grand Am arrive shortly after 9 p.m., and Charlie realizes she has made a terrible miscalculation…

How does that not grab your attention! Anyways, lots of reviews have mentioned how they thought the main character, Charlie, was too unstable and dumb. However, I actually found her quite endearing and really loved the transformation that took place for her throughout the story. Yes, you can expect an unreliable narrator, and usually, I get really annoyed by that type of narrator, but I actually really loved it in this case. Also, throughout the story, we were getting snippets of the other characters' POVs and this was genius as it made the story even more suspenseful.

And the ending! Again, lots of people absolutely hated the ending, but I really loved it! In my opinion, it was the perfect ending. There were tiny little things that didn’t get addressed but I was able to ignore them as I just assumed it was to build suspense and add more layers of doubt. Highly recommend!


Charlie Jordan is being driven across the country by a serial killer. Maybe.

Behind the wheel is Josh Baxter, a stranger Charlie met by the college ride share board, who also has a good reason for leaving university in the middle of term. On the road they share their stories, carefully avoiding the subject dominating the news - the Campus Killer, who's tied up and stabbed three students in the span of a year, has just struck again.

Travelling the lengthy journey between university and their final destination, Charlie begins to notice discrepancies in Josh's story.

As she begins to plan her escape from the man she is becoming certain is the killer, she starts to suspect that Josh knows exactly what she's thinking.

Meaning that she could very well end up as his next victim.


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