The Unlucky One by Kerry Wilkinson | Review

The Unlucky One | Kerry Wilkinson | Bookouture | Pub: July 9, 2019 | Pages: 326

This is book #14 in the Jessica Daniel series.

These can be read as standalone's; I’ve started reading the series at book #13 and I want to keep going. Plus, the ratings are extremely high for this series! And I get why, I really love Jessica Daniel’s character, I loved her drive to search for the truth no matter what. Kind of reminds me of the Josie Quinn series a bit!

In this installment, Jessica oversees an estate with a vanishingly low crime rate. It was, however, one of the highest in prior years. Jessica believes in her gut that something is awry. Many advise her to leave things alone, but anybody who knows Jessica knows she can't.

In other parts of town, murders are taking place, which is producing their own set of issues. People are being murdered the same way they have escaped death before. This leads to Jessica launching an inquiry. These become sort of two separate storylines. I highly recommended this series if you appreciate mysteries that have the perfect balance of intrigue, mystery, action and twists!

Thank you to Bookouture for providing me with an electronic ARC of this book via NetGalley. As usual, my reviews are my honest and unbiased opinions.


A man who survived being drowned ends up in Manchester’s canal. Someone who was hit by a car is shoved in front of DC Archie Davey’s patrol vehicle.

Killers generally aren’t a happy bunch, but this particular one seems to have a problem with second chances.

Luckily for DI Jessica Daniel, things are looking up. She’s been assigned to work on the most crime-free estate in the city, and she’s back living with her best friend.

Things could not be hunky-dorier.

That is unless there’s a sinister reason why the estate is so free of trouble...


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